I.B., East Bay, CA

First, I thank God  for listening to my anguish and despair when no attorney gave me any hope to legalize my immigration status here in the United States. Luckily, I found attorney Claribel and after her great work, I am a now a legal permanent resident.  My friends, if you are tired of searching for an immigration attorney, do not lose anymore time thinking about it.  Meet with attorney Claribel and you will see that she truly fights for you. I recommend her 100.%

C.R., East Bay, CA

Claribel has been there for my family and me since we made that first appointment to consult with her, and I couldn't have been happier that we chose her. She is great! She helped us every step of the way and made it so easy for my family and me! I appreciate everything she has done for us in helping with my husband's immigration case. She is very professional, organized, knowledgeable and efficient. All of our questions and concerns were answered every time, and I always felt satisfied and that she genuinely cared about my husband's case. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a knowledgeable, diligent, and trustworthy immigration attorney.

M.S., Redwood City, CA

Claribel is a great immigration lawyer, and a great lady. I am so lucky that I met her. I have seen her business grow better and better every day since she first started. She is sweet and patient, for sure extremely professional. She helped me go through my hard time, which I will appreciate forever! I will definitely introduce her to any of my friends that may need immigration help!

F.D., New York, NY

Excellent, efficient, professional  service, great communication and very knowledgeable. Nothing but the best. Thank you for your excellent results.

V.M., East Bay, CA

Five stars for Claribel.  Today I met with her for a consultation and she answered all of my questions thoroughly.  I walked out of her office feeling confident that I received factual information.  She made sure to tell me the positives and the negatives of my case, which made me trust her because she is a straight shooter.   If you are looking for a good immigration attorney please consult with Claribel.  You will be in good hands.

C.O., East Bay, CA, Africa & South America

I am is so grateful for the service of Claribel P. Madueña and her staff. They exceeded my expectations of assistance in obtaining United States Visa’s for my wife and 5-year-old baby which was more complicated since they were born in separate countries.  Through the entire process they were always quick not only to answer questions but reassure my family during stressful times that everything would be alright. If I had tried to do the process on my own we would still be waiting or worse denied. It pays to have an expert consultant for important family matters that understand the law and process. The law office of Claribel P. Madueña has put smiling faces on my entire family.

Success Stories

Green Card Granted to Undocumented Immigrant In Court


Mr. E came into immigration custody in July 2014 after being arrested for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol.  Criminal charges were never filed against Mr. E, but because he was in the U.S. without permission, the government wanted to deport him back to Mexico.  Fortunately, Mr. E qualified for relief against deportation because he had been continuously present in the U.S. for at least 10 years, had no criminal convictions, and had children that were born in the U.S. One of his children had a learning disability and was receiving extra support in school.  On November 2, 2018, after 4 years of fighting his case in court, the Immigration Judge granted Mr. E  lawful permanent residency (Green Card). Congratulations to Mr. E and his family!

Green Card After Prior Attorneys Failed Client


Mr. B began the process of becoming a lawful permanent resident in 2001 through his wife.  What should have been a straight forward case, turned into a 17 year nightmare.  Mr. B entrusted his case to 2 different attorneys, before hiring Ms. Madueña to represent him in immigration court in 2017.  On September 2, 2018, an Immigration Judge granted Mr. B lawful permanent residency.  Read about his experience in the testimonial above!

U.S. Citizenship Approved for Rehabilitated Green Card Holder


Mr. H was a long time green card holder who was eligible to become a U.S. citizen.  However, he had certain criminal convictions from over 15 years ago that made his case more complicated.   Luckily, Ms. Madueña knew exactly how to research and present Mr. H's application. His case was approved and on February 15, 2018, Mr. H officially became a U.S. citizen.  Congratulations Mr. H - now get out and vote! 

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